Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heat Your Sauce

Amaya wanted a very specific cake. We realized her vision. We made a chocolate-peanut butter cake. We brushed strawberry caramel sauce between the layers and coated everything with vanilla frosting. The cake was delicious. The one difficulty is the caramel sauce did not soak into the cake during the building. It made layering frosting on top difficult. When we had the opportunity to make the cake again, the next day, Aki had solved the problem. She heated the caramel sauce up. I was aghast at her changing cake making protocol and let my disgust be heard. She silenced my opposition with hands on evidence. I poured the warm caramel sauce onto the layers and spread it evenly out. The warm sauce was easily absorbed into the cake. I had no problem spreading the frosting over the layers. Aki's observation led to the better execution and refinement of our cake making process. The heating of the sauce/syrup for flavoring cakes will allow us to integrate flavors we had not previously thought of using.

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