Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frozen Fruit Pie

I needed pie. Peaches aren't ripe yet. Cherries are just coming into season. We don't have a pantry stocked with jars of preserved cherries and peaches. We do have access to supermarkets. And they are selling some ripe picked and flash frozen fruit. The fruit is not cooked. It is a blank canvas preserved Han Solo style. And we take advantage of it. Aki whipped up a pie crust. While it chilled she cooked the frozen fruit filling. Then she hot loaded the pie, pinched on the top crust and put it in the oven. When is was cooked we not so patiently cooled it. The fruits blended. The crust was flakey, crispy and cooked. The juices overflowed. This was a great pie that did not last long. Good thing we can get more frozen fruit.

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